To use SAOImageDS9 package, type:

using SAOImageDS9

will import the symbol DS9 which can be used to prefix all methods available in SAOImageDS9 instead of the full package name which can be a bit tedious in interactive sessions. If you prefer another prefix, say sao, you can do:

import SAOImageDS9
const sao = SAOImageDS9

or (provided your Julia version is at least 1.6):

import SAOImageDS9 as sao

You may also just import SAOImageDS9 and keep the SAOImageDS9 prefix. Throughout all the remaining documentation, no shortcut is assumed.

You may call the SAOImageDS9.connect method to specify the access point to a given running SAOImage/DS9 application. If no given access point is specified, SAOImageDS9 will automatically attempts to connect to the first access point matching "DS9.*" when a command is sent to SAOImage/DS9. The method SAOImageDS9.accesspoint() yields the name of the current access point to SAOImage/DS9, or an empty string if none has been chosen.

To check the connection to SAOImage/DS9, you can type:


which should yield the version of the SAOImage/DS9 to which you are connected.