Drawing in SAOImage/DS9

SAOImageDS9 can be used to quickly draw or display things in SAOImage/DS9.

For instance, assuming img is a 2-dimensional Julia array, to display img as an image in SAOImage/DS9, call:

SAOImageDS9.draw(img; kwds...)

The main difference with SAOImageDS9.set(img) is that a number of keywords are supported:

  • Use keyword frame to specify the frame number.

  • Use keyword cmap to specify the name of the colormap. For instance, cmap="gist_stern".

  • Use keyword zoom to specify the zoom factor.

  • Use keywords min and/or max to specify the scale limits.

The SAOImageDS9.draw method can be called with other kinds of arguments such as instances (or array or tuple) of TwoDimensional.Point to draw point(s) or instances of TwoDimensional.BoundingBox to draw rectangle(s).