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Tools for solving simple Keplerian orbits. The primary use case is mapping orbital elements into e.g. Cartesian coordinates at different times. A Plots.jl recipe is included for easily plotting orbits. One can for instance calculate an orbit around a star in 3D, a projected position in the sky, a radial velocity curve, or stellar astrometric accleration over time.

It's a great tool for visualizing different orbits (see examples) and generating nice animations (e.g. with Plots or Luxor.jl). This package has been designed for good performance and composability with a wide range of packages in the Julia ecosystem, including ForwardDiff. It forms the backbone of Octofitter.jl, a modelling framework for all kinds of exoplanet data.

See documentation at https://sefffal.github.io/PlanetOrbits.jl/dev