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Beautiful and flexible visualizations of high dimensional data

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See the Python version here

This package produces pair plots, otherwise known as corner plots or scatter plot matrices: grids of 1D and 2D histograms that allow you to visualize high dimensional data.

Pair plots are an excellent way to visualize the results of MCMC simulations, but are also a useful way to visualize correlations in general data tables.

Read the documentation here: (https://sefffal.github.io/PairPlots.jl/dev/)

The default styles of this package roughly reproduce the output of the Python library corner.py for a single series, and chainconsumer.py for multiple series. If these are not to your tastes, this package is highly configurable.

The current version of PairPlots.jl requires the Makie plotting library. If instead you prefer to use Plots.jl, you can install the legacy version 0.6 of PairPlots (see archived documentation here)

For related functionality, see also: StatsPlots.cornerplot and CornerPlot.jl for the Gadfly plotting library.


This package is built on top of the great packages Makie, Contour, KernelDensity, and Tables. The overall inspiration and a few lines of code are taken from corner.py and chainconsumer.py