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Transits.jl provides flexible and powerful occultation curves with limb darkening. The goals of this package are, in this order

  • have a simple interface with high composability
  • be flexible with respect to numeric types and application
  • be fully compatible with ChainRules.jl automatic differentiation (AD) system to leverage the derived analytical gradients
  • provide a codebase that is well-organized, instructive, and easy to extend
  • maintain high performance: at least as fast as similar tools

In particular, PolynomialLimbDark implements the "starry" limb darkening method, which solves the flux integral analytically. This provides floating-point errors and runtimes that are best in class.


To install use Pkg. From the REPL, press ] to enter Pkg-mode

pkg> add Transits

If you want to use the most up-to-date version of the code, check it out from main

pkg> add Transits#main


If you use Transits.jl or a derivative of it in your work please consider citing it at the Zenodo DOI. If you use PolynomialLimbDark or QuadLimbDark please also cite Agol et al. (2020) and Luger et al. (2019). If you use Kipping13 please cite Kipping (2013). BibTeX for all those citations can be found in CITATIONS.bib.