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To install from the REPL, enter Pkg-mode (])

pkg> add Photometry

Getting Started

Here is a basic example to do some aperture photometry using CircularAperture. The photometry function performs the photometry using a given method.

using Photometry
data = ones(100, 100)
err = ones(100, 100)

ap1 = CircularAperture(50, 50, 3)
# partial overlap
ap2 = CircularAperture(0.5, 0.5, 5)

results = photometry([ap1, ap2], data, err)
@assert results.aperture_sum[1] ≈ 9π
@assert results.aperture_sum[2] ≈ 25π / 4

Table with 4 columns and 2 rows:
     xcenter  ycenter  aperture_sum  aperture_sum_err
 1 │ 50.0     50.0     28.2743       5.31736
 2 │ 0.5      0.5      19.635        4.43113


If you're interested in contributing, go ahead and check out the issues or make a pull request. If you add a new feature, please write appropriate unit tests for it and bump the package's minor version.


The work derived from astropy/photutils is BSD 3-clause and the work derived from kbarbary/sep is BSD 3-clause. All other work is considered MIT expat. Therefore this work as a whole is BSD 3-clause. LICENSE contains all licenses and any files using derived work are noted at the top of the file.